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Four of our handcrafted chèvre variations: Creamy Classic, Fig & Honey, Roasted Red Pepper, and Smokey Mountain Round. Ready for a gift, a holiday cheese plate, or just a snack!

Fresh Cheese Gift Box

  • - Goat milk chèvre, 5oz each.

    - Creamy Classic: Just the chèv! Creamy with a slight citrus finish.

    - Fig & Honey: Local honey and fig are added to our chèvre for a slightly sweet treat.

    - Roasted Red Pepper: Roasted red bell peppers and garlic are added to our chèvre, bringing a savory surprise.

    - Smokey Mountain Round: Hand-formed chèvre, lightly smoked over apple wood. Delicately browned on the outside the cheese retains its fresh lactic origins nuanced with bacon-like aroma & flavor.

    - 90 day shelf life unopened and refrigerated.

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