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The Poet Has Said:
Cheese Is Milk's Leap To Immortality.


It all starts with the milk... fresh from well cared for animals at our partner farms.  Alpine, Nubian, and Saanan goats are raised at Lindale Farm just 20 miles down Old Liberty Road from Goat Lady Dairy. This carefully selected mix of milk is used to craft all of our cheese, except for Lindale which is made exclusively from cows' milk. Williams Dairy in Liberty, NC gives us milk from their herd of mostly Holsteins for our Lindale and Snow Camp, a mixed cow and goat milk cheese.


We keep our goats healthy and the taste of our cheese delicious by carefully selecting the forage, fiber, grain and grazing that our animals enjoy. Goat milk is delicate so we handle it with care at each step of its journey to the finished product. After more than 20 years of making goat cheese, we have learned the techniques which preserve the goodness of our fresh milk and create the flavor and texture unique to our cheese.

In addition to maintaining a close relationship to our milk, we value the land we use and the byproducts we make. We work on land protected by a North Carolina Piedmont Land Conservancy conservation easement, ensuring that it will always be used for farming. Our cheese by-products are re-purposed into feed for our chickens and pigs to continue the cycle of sustainability and minimize waste. We believe that caring for the land creates a partnership between our customers and our land, allowing them to promote health in each other.

In recent years, the Goat Lady's mission to connect people with their food and care for the land has been met with tremendous support. Enthusiasm for our cheese has kept us busy all year long, even during the goats' breeding season. In the past, we have paused cheese-making when our goat milk became packed with fat and was needed to feed the newborn kids, however our partnership with Holly Grove Farm has allowed us to keep working through this time. We are now able to get local, carefully crafted goat cheese to our neighbors throughout the country year-round.

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