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Perfect for a party or just a snack, our Chèvre logs are 5 oz. and they are available online in many unique flavors!

Chèvre Logs

  • - Goat milk chèvre logs in 5 oz

    - Creamy Classic: Just the chèv! Creamy with a slight citrus finish.

    - Fig & Honey: Local honey and fig are added to our chèvre for a slightly sweet treat.

    - Roasted Red Pepper: Pieces of roasted red bell peppers and a hint of garlic are added to our chèvre, bringing a savory surprise.

    - Sunny Paris: Our chèvre is mixed with our own herb blend, providing a balanced, complex flavor.

    - Basil & Garlic: Basil and garlic are mixed into our chèvre, creating a satisfying, savory balance.

    - Rosemary: Simply our chèvre and rosemary. Great for cooking or just on a piece of toast!

    - Dill: Our delicate chèvre seasoned with dill. Simple and delicious.

    - Bell Pepper Garlic: Our chèvre mixed with bell pepper seasoning and garlic creates a complex and savory spread.

    Jalapeño: Our spicy chèvre! Jalapeño pieces mixed into our original chèvre

    - Triple Heat: Extra spicy chèvre with jalapeños, horseradish, and habanero sauce

    - Horseradish: Just our creamy chèvre and spicy horseradish

    - 90 day shelf life unopened and refrigerated.

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