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Includes our three favorite fresh spreadable goat cheeses (Creamy Classic, Sunny Paris, Smokey Mountain Round), plus our two soft-ripened bloomy rind cheeses (Snow Camp, Sandy Creek), and our two aged cheeses (Lindale and Providence). Seven different cheeses in all for a complete tasting experience. Your Cheese Party Selection Box also includes all you need to know for a successful at-home event: suggestions for wine pairing and accompaniments, constructing a beautiful cheese board, instructions for preparing, cutting, and serving your cheese.

Cheese Party Selection Box

  • 7 of our favorite cheeses:

    • 3 fresh spreadable goat cheeses: Creamy Classic, Sunny Paris, and Smokey Mountain Round
    •  2 soft ripened bloomy rind cheeses: Snow Camp and Sandy Creek
    • 2 aged cheeses: Lindale and Providence

    All you need to know for a successful at-home event:

    • wine pairings and accompaniments
    • cheese board construction
    • preparing, cutting, and serving your cheese
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