• Our Partners

Goat Lady Dairy operates successfully in large part, due to a wide network of partners. From planting the seeds and harvesting the raw materials to producing award winning products and educating the public, we share a common goal of changing the world by changing a person's relationship to their food. As our business grows in achieving this outcome, so too, does our list of partners which includes gardeners, sheep farms, goat farms, cow farms, beef farms, pig farms, educators, photographers, fine dining establishments, chefs, agricultural advocates and organizations, universities and agri-tourism associations.

Co-owners: Steve and Lee Tate
Cheese Room Manager: Carrie Bradds
Head of Sales: Alexander Kast
Sales Manager: Chris Bennett
Cheesemakers: Alexander Kast, Chris Bennett, Carrie Bradds, Bobby Bradds, Morgan Cook, Josh Angel, Eric Diaz
Meal Event Manager: Hillary Meredith

Our Family

Goat Lady Dairy is proud to partner with three local dairy farm families: Lindale Organic Dairy Holly Grove Farms and Williams Dairy. They produce the goat milk, cow milk and frozen curd from which we make our cheeses.

Special appreciation goes to our farm photographer, Dan Routh.
Dan's shared belief in farm and family is evidenced by his images
bringing to life the beauty and passion of our community.

And special thanks to our videographer, Gareth Tate
for his many creative contributions to our farm
Gareth's Vimeo

We are pleased to be part of the following groups. Together we promote local food and farming.

American Cheese Societywww.cheesesociety.org
American Dairy Goat Associationwww.adga.org
Carolina Farm Stewardship Associationwww.carolinafarmstewards.com
Local Harvestwww.localharvest.org
North Carolina Agri-tourism Networking Assoc.ncana.blogspot.com
Piedmont Biofuelswww.biofuels.coop
Piedmont Grownwww.piedmontgrown.org
Piedmont Land Conservancywww.piedmontland.org
Randolph County Tourismwww.visitrandolph.org
Slow Food USAwww.slowfood.com
Slow Food Piedmontwww.slowfoodpiedmont.org