Ready after only two days this is our freshest cheese we make. It’s texture is moist & creamy yet has the lowest fat & cholesterol content. It comes in many delicious flavors: Plain, Basil & Garlic, Sunny Paris, Roasted Red Pepper, Jalapeno, Triple Heat, Horseradish, Orange and Fig & Honey. Great as a snack with crackers it is also a versatile addition to soups, pasta, pizza and baked potatoes.

Our Chevre Logs are hand-molded and air-dried for a week to produce a tighter sliceable texture and fuller flavor than our Spreadable Goat Cheese. You can slice them into medallions when cold or spread them at room temperature. This is our most popular cheese with Chefs in the area, they use our Chevre Logs as a uniquely flavorful ingredient in many their dishes. Logs come plain or rolled in peppercorns, dill, rosemary.

Similar to Feta, our Farmers Cheese is less briny with a smoother, crumbly paste. Incredibly versatile, fresh Farmers Cheese slices well for a unique Caprese Salad or it can be used crumbled in fittatas, pizza or grilled stuffed peppers.

To create our special Marinated Chevre we put two week dried chevre log medallions in extra virgin olive oil infused with our unique blend of herbs and spices. Olive oil is the traditional and natural way to preserve cheese. By covering the cheese and protecting it from the air, the oil almost stops the ripening process, giving this cheese a very long shelf life. It is delicious as a gourmet spread or spooned over hot pasta to make an instant Alfredo.

A Goat Lady Dairy original, our Smokey Mountain Round is hand formed, dried and lighlty smoked over apple wood. Delicately browned on the outside the cheese retains its fresh lactic origins nuanced with a slightly woodsy aroma & flavor. A standout on the cheese plate and a uniquely savory goat flavor to cook with. Use stuffed in ravioli, quiche or simply crumbled over steamed vegetables. Quickly becoming one of our most sought after cheeses we were pleased to have won a First Place Blue Ribbon at the 2012 American Cheese Society competition.


Crottin is a traditional farmhouse style of cheese from the town of Chavingol, France. Our Crottin is a younger version, released after two weeks of affinage. As it matures the cheese will ripen giving a softer texture and deeper flavors. With its Loire valley origins our Goat Lady Dairy Crottin stays true to form as the perfect partner to a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Made with traditional methods, each of our goats milk Camembert is lightly ladled by hand. This gives the cheese a delicate, creamy texture that allows the cheese to ripen more evenly. After four weeks of affinage (aging) the Camembert develops a mushroomy, vegetal flavor with a paste that is rich and spreadable.

A Goat Lady Dairy original, Sandy Creek is an ash and mold ripened cheese with a distinctive layer of ash threw the center representing the beautiful stream and namesake that flows by our farm. It is ripened for five weeks developing a smooth texture and complex, bright & grassy flavors.

Named after our rural neighborhood, this mixed milk cheese is a combination of our goat milk and organic cow milk from our Partner Farm – Lindale Organic Dairy. It’s a natural rinded seven pound square that is aged between three to six months As it matures the micro-flora from our cave helps develop the rind and gives it its unique flavor. Grays Chapel is not pressed so it retains a moist, semi-firm texture much like a Wenslydale, its flavor is fruity, yoghurt like with a beautiful earthy finish.


Named after the road in front of our barn, this special cheese is made from 100% organic cow milk from our partners at Lindale Organic Dairy. A lightly washed rind, semi-hard cheese made in a 6 lb square this raw milk cheese is aged 2 to 5 months. Intense earthy aroma combines with flavors of grass, butter and fruit to make this limited edition cheese a taste to remember.

Photos by Dan Routh Photography